"Towards Literature: who is composer?" (EXCERPT NO.1)
Composers: Mehdi Hesamizadeh, Ārash Āzādi
Performers: Mehdi Hesamizadeh (Viola, Live Electronics)
Arash Azadi (Piano, Live Electronics)
April 09 2015 - "The Loft", Yerevan, Armenia

Music inspired by environment usually is an interpretation of sounds made by composer. In the past, shortage of tools and existence of composition rules had effect on explanation. later on with the advancement of tools , detailed objective explanation without considering rules or interpretation, has become the next trend among composers(those who want compose explanatory) .For popular explanatory composition, "musical arrangement" is done, which under the influence of rules of scales and notes, transforms. Later, composition with a vast environment along with mental silence became the obsession of composers.
What happens here is the replacement of subjective sounds, objective sounds and environmental sounds. These sounds replace each other and change the arrangement of sound.