Structured Experience is the result of a co-composition by Arash Azadi and Mehdi Hesamizadeh, an improvisation based electroacoustic experimental piece that later turned into a bigger project with the same name.

Structured Experience is the first official collaboration of Arash Azadi, a young Yerevan based composer with Mehdi Hesamizadeh, a Tehran based violist and composer. After they met in late 2014 through different meetings and rehearsals they have shaped certain aesthetics and a composition method together, which is called “Structured Experience”. Structured Experience is a musical experiment based on a predetermined structure, a composition method of closed form Aleatoric music, where the main musical events such as intonation, dynamic, tempo and timbre are notated in a mixture of graphics, text and conventional notation. This improvisation-based method is not very new or spectacular, especially for the artists themselves, considering their Iranian roots as Iranian music is mainly an improvisation based music where certain elements of pieces are predetermined and performers improvise based upon them, or better to say improvising within certain limitations. The western tradition of such also existed since the very beginning of music notation from Ancient Greece to Renaissance to 20th century and contemporary music.

The piece Structured Experience consists of 7 parts or movements written for viola, electric guitar and live electronics, but the whole piece has a unified sounding. During the course of listening to the piece beside your psychedelic experience through sounds you will hear the influences of John Cage's and Karlheinz Stockhausen's music as well as Iranian music and Rock.

released November 19, 2015

Mehdi Hesamizadeh: Viola
Arash Azadi: Electric Guitar, Live Electronics
Artwork: Noumeda Carbone
It has been recorded live during the premiere at Akanat Gallery in April 04 2015, Yerevan, Armenia.

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