On Saturday April 16th at NPAK Center for Contemporary Experimental Art in Yerevan, Armenia, “gaLARUM” an audiovisual dance performance got premiered in the frames of “toDay” Conceptual Art Festival curated by Sargis Havhannisyan.

About the 20th annual Festival of Alternative Art “toDay” 2016 in Armenia, Havhannisyan writes:
“In Armenia expressions of conceptual art started forming since the 1980s. It also constituted fusion of ideologies and visual perceptions. The main requirement, which is formulated as artistic ideology, is distinct simplification of art, which passes from production of conceptual art to the vision of the avant-garde.
In Armenian art conceptualism has tried to illustrate and filter prevailing problems and frowziness, to bring forth the criteria operating within contemporary Armenian reality: socio-political issues, issue of cultural recognition, and more expanded communal inclusion, by trying to recognize and understand prevailing contradictions and “toDay’s” and “tomorrow’s” ideological visual challenges.
Conceptualism tries to define individual’s political and psychological inner layers, to see and to express from inside-out and from outside in, assuming that it is possible to expose contemporary problems and formulate the vision of the future.
The festival intends to clean the expressions of the conceptual art, which like a guiding string passes through mediums of photography, fine arts, texts, installations, performances, audio-visual works, etc., tying and combining varying inner depths of the Armenian reality.”

The duration of the performance was about half an hour, and was done in an interactive way that the audience were invited to join the performance and experience the piece on a deeper personal level.

Anahit Ter-Sargsyan – Improvisation Dance
Arash Azadi - Sound Artist, Live Electronics (Audiovisual)
Marut Marutyan - Electric Guitar

Photos are taken in the courtesy of Josef Habibi Photography: