[Commissioned by Akanat Cafe-Art Gallery]

Humans always tried to extend their abilities to experiment more, to discover more, to go far beyond the critical needs and physical limitations and these all lead to one thing: to transcend everyday experiments.
In this performance we try to liberate the audience through sounds, visualization and words.
(something like a Zen practice)

• The materials used in this Aleatoric piece are:
1) Field recordings from Geghard Monastery, and Armenian churches.
2) A 12 tone series based on 4th intervals (one of the most important intervals in the traditional music of the Caucasian and Middle-East regions like Armenia and Iran)
3) Synthesized drone sounds based on perfect 4th and 5th.
4) Voice of Komitas singing and audio quotations from Tigran Mansurian’s talks
• The tools and instruments used in this performance:
1) Alto Saxophone
2) Ableton Live and Max/Msp
3) Video projectors (for live visualization and the fixed visualization)
• Conceptual program note:
The materials used in this piece are based on materials from “Past” and the tools are our ways to “Future”. Saxophone and Live electronic processing happens in the “Present” but these all are in an Aleatoric form and lead us to “Freedom”. This is “a musical confession” of artist’s aesthetics.

David Alex Sisti: Alto Saxophone
Arash Azadi: Live electronics (Audio & Visual)
May/16/2015 - Akanat Cafe-Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia