What would be our cultural heritage in the year 4050? What is our cultural identity? Do we really change? These and other questions come up in the audio-visual work by Arash Azadi, where he plays with the notion of a meeting point in space and time. 

Karavanserai – one of the few places where merchants from East and West would meet and share shelter along the Silk Road – becomes a powerful metaphor of the Caucasus Region (Armenia, Iran, Georgia and Turkey) as a crossroad of cultures. Azadi reflects on the shared history (real and imaginary) of these countries today and in relation to their past and their future. The artist sees history as a cyclic process where time is not linear. As fast as the history moves forwards as fast it is being rewinded backwards.

For Azadi the year 4050 is just a point on the time loop. He creates an alienated futuristic landscape by juxtaposing sounds of different eras and disrupting images of the historical karavanserais. It almost seems like the forward/backward rewind is happening simultaneously and the listener/viewer is being pushed out from the familiar field of cultural context and becomes an outside observer of an ‘alien’ landscape.

- Hasmik Badoyan, Curator

Sonic Aspects

The installation had two sonic sources, one for loudspeakers and one for headphones:


Overall Video