Since secondary school I’ve been playing around with topics like graphic design, game design and 2/3D animation as well as programming. As I grew up more into music those activities turned into hobbies than major work. In the past couple of years I got interested in digital arts, specially visualization of music and video art. I wanted to add more aspects to my works to create immersive experiences.

In here there are examples of my installations and installation-performance works.

Karvan Sara 4050

Interdisciplinary Installation

Selected work of musikprotokoll Festival for 2019 and was commissioned by Hayp Pop Up Gallery in Yerevan 2018

Concept Note:

What would be our cultural heritage in the year 4050? What is our cultural identity? Do we really change? These and other questions come up in the audio-visual work by Arash Azadi, where he plays with the notion of a meeting point in space and time. 

Karavanserai – one of the few places where merchants from East and West would meet and share shelter along the Silk Road – becomes a powerful metaphor of the Caucasus Region (Armenia, Iran, Georgia and Turkey) as a crossroad of cultures. Azadi reflects on the shared history (real and imaginary) of these countries today and in relation to their past and their future. The artist sees history as a cyclic process where time is not linear. As fast as the history moves forwards as fast it is being rewinded backwards.

For Azadi the year 4050 is just a point on the time loop. He creates an alienated futuristic landscape by juxtaposing sounds of different eras and disrupting images of the historical karavanserais. It almost seems like the forward/backward rewind is happening simultaneously and the listener/viewer is being pushed out from the familiar field of cultural context and becomes an outside observer of an ‘alien’ landscape.
- Hasmik Badoyan, Curator

Karavan Sara - 01 - Glitched - Maranjab

Karavan Sara - 01 - Glitched - Maranjab

Karavan Sara - 02 - Glitched - Shahabbasi Karaj

Karavan Sara - 02 - Glitched - Shahabbasi Karaj

Karavan Sara - 03 - Glitched - Shahabbasi Karaj

Karavan Sara - 03 - Glitched - Shahabbasi Karaj

____ շարժ - ____ movement

Interdisciplinary Installation Performance

Concept Note:

Movements of hands, lips, bodies, air molecules, moon, sun and star dusts are imperfectly following a repetitive structure. The spontaneous encounters and random happenings within the imaginable form of everyday life’s logical structure can seem chaotic to minds capable of human rationality. 
In this performance we are not talking, not even moving; we are still, welcoming the movements. One can get lost in translation, so we are not translating movements into materials, the materials are created by means of movement in parallel, co-existing while being interdisciplinary related. 

Lousine Ghukasyan: action painting
Arash Azadi: sound design, audio-reactive light design, video-art, sound installation, live electronics
software used: Ableton Live, Native Instrument Reaktor, Max for Live
tools: relay module, 4x bulb lights, 4 speakers (3 x pre-recorded media + 1 x center for live), folding cube canvas, contact mics and 3 projectors for pre-made videos
traditional music samples: from Mirvahid Radfar's solo Tanbur (تنبور) playings with Mirtohid Radfar on bowl (کوزه)

Diachrony - Transforming Movement Into Sound and Lights

multidisciplinary performance

On Friday 6th of May 2016, the multidisciplinary performance “Diachrony – Transforming Movement Into Sound and Lights” got premiered at Small Theater in Yerevan, Armenia.
The performance was a result of a close collaboration between Arash Azadi, the founder of Structured Experience and Anahit Ter-Sargsyan, the founder of Pantolab. Both artists are interested in seeking alternative ways of artistic expression based on multidisciplinary approach towards new arts.
In the opening night of this performance (May 6th), well known Armenian artists, art curators, art students, founders of cultural NGOs, special guests from the Swiss Cooperation Office for South Caucasus and the honorable ambassador of USA were among the audience.
The performance was performed for the next two days on Saturday and Sunday.

The feedback of Armenian audience to this new genre of art for the region (audiovisual multidisciplinary performance) was very positive, and they showed a great potential and interest for this new growing art scene in Yerevan.

This project was realized in the frames of the “Regional Art and Culture Project in the South Caucasus”, which is managed by the Culture and Management Lab with the financial support of the Swiss Cooperation Office for the South Caucasus (SCO).

Anahit Ter-Sargsyan: movement improvisation
Arash Azadi: sound design, live motion reactive generative visuals and lights

software used: Ableton Live, Synapse for Kinect, Max for Live
tools used: xbox 360 kinect, 2 beamers, stereo sound system

Project Coordinator: Katarzyna Kowalska
PR Manager: Ella Kanegarian