for piano and orchestra (2017)




I was born in Hamedan, Iran in 1994. I still remember the sound of my father’s Tar, he bought me my first Setar when I was 9 years old and I began studying music. At 11 I had my first concert with my twin sister Arghavan.

In middle school I studied programming, computer graphics and game development as well as basics of electronics and robotics. In high school I studied mathematics and physics. I was into making video games and one day I tried to find out how to make a soundtrack for one of my 3D games (it was a first person shooter game). After 6 months I made a life changing decision to study composition as my main subject. And I did.

2011 is the year I moved to Yerevan to study classical composition at the State Conservatory. It was then when everything gradually began to fall into place, when I found out about electronic music through my gurus, Stockhausen, Cage, Ligeti and Boulez. Also it was then when I discovered minimalism and my best friends - Pärt, Glass, Reich and Feldman.
I graduated in 2017 with a bachelor degree in classical composition from Yerevan State Conservatory named after Komitas.

Towards graduation, I began to feel a desire to explore more and go beyond the formal limitation of music and expand the concept of composition through different mediums, such as visuals and multidisciplinary performance.
I took an online Max MSP course in Massachusetts college of arts and began exploring the dissolving edges of technology and arts.